Tin Can Camp

Tin Can Camp is nestled in the heart of the San Luis Valley at the entrance to Penitente Canyon and Special Recreation Management Area, and only 50 minutes to Great Sand Dunes National Park. San Luis Valley Great Outdoors (SLV GO!) welcomes all guests to come and enjoy the cabins at Tin Can Camp!

Every reservation is a contribution toward conservation efforts in The San Luis Valley: SLV GO! serves the greater region of the San Luis Valley with a focus on providing equitable access to outdoor recreation experiences that promote and foster stewardship, conservation, and health and wellbeing of residents and visitors alike. Tin Can Camp is an initiative that began in 2021 to mitigate the overflow of campers adjacent to Penitente Canyon in collaboration with the Colorado State Land Trust. SLV GO! and the State Land Board worked in collaboration to develop a cost-sharing and resource-sharing model that is mutually beneficial. Revenue from these 5 eco-friendly tiny cabins creates a sustainable funding stream for SLV GO! that empowers this local nonprofit to be less dependent on volatile funding from grants. The State Land Board will also receive a portion of the revenue which is distributed to Colorado Public Schools.    

“On behalf of the Colorado Open Space Alliance (COSA) steering committee, I would like to congratulate you on your successful nomination of the Tin Can Camp project for the Blue Grama Award! We have selected this project as the winner in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Community Partnership and Collaboration.”

-Melinda Markin, Ranger-Naturalist