Our mission is to provide residents and visitors throughout the San Luis Valley with accessible and inclusive outdoor recreation opportunities that connect communities, improve wellness, encourage stewardship, and contribute to the economic vitality of the region.

10 year Priorities

    1. Improve community wellness through enhanced in-town recreation facilities.
    2. Connect, expand, and enhance trail systems throughout the San Luis Valley.
    3. Grow more recreation programs and activities specifically tailored to San Luis Valley youth.
    4. Expand Water Based recreation.
    5. Expand opportunities for Winter Recreation.
    6. Promote San Luis Valleys recreation opportunities and increase information sharing about what there is to see and do in the San Luis Valley.


SLV GO! has 9 Tool Kits as part of our Master Plan that focuses on best practices from a variety of communities who have had successful trail and outdoor recreation projects.

  1. Shaping Recreation Destinations
  2. Building Healthier Communities
  3. Developing Trail Systems
  4. Realizing Trail Connections
  5. Connecting Youth and the Outdoors
  6. Balancing Recreation and Conservation
  7. Promoting Recreation
  8. Hosting Recreation Events
  9. Funding and Sustaining SLV Recreation



Check out this video of our 1st annual SLV GO! Mini-Conference on Outdoor Recreation and Economy created by our friends at Moxiecran Media!