SLV Overland

Overlanding describes self-reliant
adventure travel to remote destinations
where the   j o u r n e y   is the primary goal.


While expedition is defined as a journey with a purpose, overlanding sees the journey as the purpose. 

Information about SLV Overland 2020 coming soon!
Last year’s event:
Starting September 6th at 5 pm at the Colorado Farm Brewery 
An opportunity to introduce some overland routes through the San Luis Valley and surrounding mountains. The Colorado Farm Brewery is hosting us so we will have the opportunity to taste some great beverages and explore the surrounding landscapes. Planning on camping there both nights, but everyone is free to feel inspired and explore and camp at their own pace as well.

We will do guided drives through some unique country on Saturday. Depending on time and the vehicles that show up, we have several options in the Southern San Juans around Alamosa Canyon before heading across the San Luis Valley to the Rio Grande Natural Area. We will have opportunities to visit historic homesteads and petroglyphs along the Rio Grande Gorge. Saturday evening social at the Colorado Farm Brewery. They will have a food truck available, and of course tasty beverages. The Farm Brewery has outdoor games for all and an easy going atmosphere for hanging out for the evening. Check it out at .

Sunday will provide a multitude of ways to exit the San Luis Valley depending on what direction you are heading, but certainly Medano Pass or Hayden Pass for those heading east, Elwood Pass for west bound, and the Del Norte National Monument for anyone heading south.


If you are interested in being involved or sponsoring this event, please send us a message to!

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