San Luis Valley Great Outdoors

What we do

Outdoor Resources

We train and employ a local crew to plan, design, and build outdoor resources like trails in communities across the San Luis Valley.

Coalition Leadership

We help organize, support, and guide community efforts to implement outdoor recreation resources and break down barriers between communities and the outdoors.


Why we do it


We create opportunities for San Luis Valley residents and visitors to reap the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in our beautiful outdoor spaces.


We work with partners to ensure all our efforts are climate and habitat conscious, educating both new and experienced users on outdoor etiquette and protecting precious ecosystems with thoughtful trail construction.


We work with San Luis Valley communities to support the efforts of historically marginalized groups and create access to the outdoors and strive to engage our local communities in trail development and other processes.

How we do it

Great Outdoors Action Team

Our locally recruited trail crew build and maintain trails in and around areas where need for outdoor access has been identified through community-driven processes.

Community Development

We help lead numerous coalitions made up of over 100 partners working together to activate historically and environmentally significant outdoor spaces across the Valley for community health, recreational, and traditional use.


We work together with eight other San Luis Valley organizations in the San Luis Valley Generation Wild coalition, which focuses on providing youth ages preschool through college with high-quality outdoor recreation and environmental education programming.