Dark Sky Friendly Recognition Program

Sponsored By:

The Program:

The Dark Sky Friendly Home and Business Recognition Program is a voluntary  SLV GO! and Visit Alamosa sponsored program that gives public acknowledgment to Alamosa area homes and businesses that support dark skies through the adoption of outdoor lighting that neither shines up into the nighttime skies to create light pollution nor causes excessive glare that prevents others from enjoying the starry nights. Homes and businesses are encouraged to promote our night skies by adopting dark sky-friendly lighting practices with guidance from SLV GO!

The Goal:

The goal is to preserve the region’s incredible night sky resource for residents and visitors’ enjoyment and to be recognized as a place to experience and appreciate brilliant night skies.

To Participate:

Do you know if your home or business lighting is community and night sky friendly? Follow the steps below to find out. Most people will find that a few simple changes can lead to lighting that is both beautiful and functional, without contributing to excessive light pollution.

Three Steps to YOUR Dark Sky Friendly Home or Business:

  1. Evaluate each outdoor light on your property using the Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting below, and use the home lighting inventory form (PDF) as your guide.
  2. Improve any of your fixtures that don’t check all five boxes on the home lighting inventory form. Find Dark Sky Friendly Lighting here!
  3. Contact SLV GO! at slvgreatoutdoors@gmail.com to pick up your Dark Sky Friendly Home or Business yard sign or window decal and display it proudly!

We encourage participants to go through these steps to make sure their outdoor lighting is truly dark sky friendly, but this program is completely voluntary and we trust you to self-evaluate! If you have questions about the program, simply contact SLV GO! at slvgreatoutdoors@gmail.com.

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