SLV GO! Dark Sky Photo Contest


In celebration of International Dark Sky Week, San Luis Valley Great Outdoors (SLV GO!) hosted a dark sky photo contest the week of April 22nd – May 22nd to support designation of the Sangre de Cristo Dark Sky Reserve! The Sangre de Cristo Dark Sky Reserve is a region-wide initiative involving public land agencies, municipalities, county representatives, and local organizations and communities to protect and preserve our dark sky resource through responsible outdoor lighting policies and public education. SLV GO! is spearheading this dark sky initiative and will be applying to the International Dark Sky Association for International Dark Sky Reserve certification. SLV GO! and partners must substantiate the quality of our region’s dark skies, and part of that is through imagery! Photo contestants can help protect our dark skies by capturing a photo of the starry, night sky!

2022 Dark Sky Photo Contest Results!

The 2022 SLV GO! Dark Sky Photo Contest was a success this year! These stellar night time photos inspire not only the photographers, but the people that live here and visit the region. People notice the night sky when they come here, and for some, it might be the first time they see the Milky Way. In fact, nearly 80% of Americans can no longer see the Milky Way due to the effects of light pollution on our night skies. Which is why stakeholders across south-central Colorado are coming together to proactively preserve our dark skies through long-term planning, public education, and the adoption of responsible outdoor lighting practices.

We hope this Dark Sky Photo Contest brings awareness to the importance of proactively protecting our night skies and inspires people to discover the night through interests like astrophotography, or simply stargazing.

1st Place
1st Place – A Labyrinth of Stars by Autumn Brooke Grinath
1st Place

1st Place – Venable Peak Milky Way by Autumn Brooke Grinath
2nd Place - Horsehead Nebula by Bill Chiles

2nd Place – Horsehead Nebula by Bill Chiles
3rd Place - Backpacking in June by Travis Stoker

3rd Place – Backpacking in June by Travis Stoker