Local Food and Agriculture

The SLV has a long-standing agricultural tradition. Below is a list of markets where you can find and eat the local agricultural bounty and a sampling farms and ranches that welcome visitors. For many more agricultural sites to visit and more on local foods and the SLV’s local food system, please visit the San Luis Valley Local Food Coalition website at http://www.slvlocalfoods.org/index.html

Alamosa Farmers' Market

Where: Downtown Alamosa
When: 8am – 1pm Saturdays
mid-July through early October
Info: 719-580-8125

Cochran Ranch

Grain or grass finished, hormone and antibiotic-free beef available throughout the year in wholes, halves and quarters on this 75 year old family ranch. Call or come by the ranch to purchase beef.

Contact: Chad Cochran at 719-480-2096 Location: 0521 E Road, Monte Vista (1.25 miles South of Monte Vista) http://www.cochranranch.com/

Crestone Farmers' Market

Where: In front of the Bliss Café
187 W. Silver Ave. in Crestone
When: 10am – 3pm Saturdays
Late April (Earth Day) through mid-October
Info: 719-256-6400

Del Norte Farmers' Market

Where: On Spruce Street & Hwy 160
When: 2pm – 6pm Thursdays
July 5th – September 27th
Info: 719-657-2000

Haefeli Honey

The Haefeli families are 5th generation beekeepers, caring for bees and producing honey in the San Luis Valley since 1907. Haefeli’s produce around 350 barrels of honey in Colorado a year as well as pollinating crops in the San Luis Valley, Texas, and California. Visit Us Haefeli’s Honey store in downtown Del Norte http://www.haefelihoney.com/

Haugen's Mountain Lamb

USDA inspected, raised on natural forage, antibiotic, hormone, and pesticide free lamb. Raised by Sherry, a 5th generation rancher in the San Luis Valley. Call for a farm tour and to purchase lamb.

Contact: Sherry Haugan at 719-754-2176 Location: 45995 County Road J, Center (from 285 south of Saguache, turn west onto CR J, go 1 mile and look for the sign). http://www.haugenslamb.com/

La Jara Farmers' Market

Where: Broadway Avenue
in front of the Town Hall
When: 3pm – 7pm Fridays
End of July to the beginning of September
Info: lajarafarmersmarket@yahoo.com

LazEwe 2 Bar Goat Dairy

A family ranch since 1878, LazEwe produces artisan goat cheeses in many gourmet flavors from their lovely goat herd. Milk shares also available.
Contact: Jenny Knoblauch at 719-850-9914 Location: 10530 County Road 15, Del Norte (It is best to call first).

Monte Vista Sunshine Market

Where: Fullenwider Park
downtown Monte Vista
When: 8am – 4pm Fridays
June, July and August
Info: 719-852-2731
Rio Culebra Agricultural Cooperative
Frozen grass-fed beef raised without hormones, antibiotics or corn, and butchered less than one year old. Beef is tender and delicious. Also heirloom products, Chicos del Horno (white corn cooked in an horno and dried), Bolita Beans unique to the San Luis Valley, and Haba Beans (dried lava beans). Next year we will also be selling alberjon maduro (dried ripened peas). Contact: Juanita Malouff Dominguez, Eunice Bernal or Bernadette Lucero at 719-672-0329 Location: 401 Church Place, San Luis http://www.rioculebra.com/

San Luis Farmers' Market

Where: Downtown San Luis
on Main Street, Hwy 159
When: 10am – 3pm Thursdays
July to mid-August
10am – 3pm Fridays
mid-August to end of October
Info: ssantacruz@wildblue.net

White Mountain Farm

Certified organic quinoa and potatoes, and organically grown garden produce in the summer. Call for availability or stop by the Mosca Pit Stop.
Contact: Paul & Ernie New at 719-378-2436 or 800-364-3019 Location: Mosca Pit Stop, Hwy 17, Mosca http://www.whitemountainfarm.com/index.html