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We want you out-n-about, not inside planning your recreation adventure, so we’re making things easy. Click on our 10 GO EXPLORE categories for lists of great outdoor recreation spots in the San Luis Valley. 

The SLVGO Coalition intends to crowd source the best of what there is to see and do outdoors in the SLV, so if you discover a  worthy destination that’s not on one of our lists, please send it our way.


Here are some of our favorite spots in the SLV. Select places from the list on the left, or find them on the map. Navigate the region by using the zoom controls and dragging around. Use the full-screen mode in the top right corner to dive in!


In 2013-14, the San Luis Valley Great Outdoors Coalition (Coalition) worked with SLV communities, organizations, and residents to create the San Luis Valley Trails and Recreation Master Plan. The Coalition offers the plan as a guide and tool for the future enhancement and expansion of outdoor recreation across the San Luis Valley’s six counties. Please download it, have a read and put it to good use! 

We have have the following .pdfs to download:

Master Plan Funding Recreation Hosting Recreation Events

Promoting Recreation Balancing Recreation Conservation

Connecting Youth With The Outdoors Realizing Trail Connections

Developing Trail Systems Building Healthy Communities

Shaping Recreation Destinations


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